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Global Open Initiative indieweb meetup Accra (20-10-2019)

We'll be having a team meeting (Skype) this Sunday from 8:40 pm to 9:00 pm. Anyone here is welcome to join.
Alternatively, you can join in the meeting via Google hangout if you don't have a Skype account.

How to Join

When it is time for the meeting, click the Google Hangout link below to join. We use Skype as a backup whenever Google Hangouts goes down.

Please download and install both Google Hangouts and Skype if you do not have them already. Looking forward to chatting soon.


  1. Masssly
  2. Zita
  3. Sadik
  4. Gabby
  5. Greg
  6. Adongo
  7. Jemima (technical challenges)
  8. Maxwell (technical challenges)
  9. Samira
  10. Ibrahim
  11. Fareeda
  12. Patience
  13. Terese
  14. Salamatu
  15. Nawaf
  16. Aikin
  17. Amjad
  18. Shakur
  19. Sani (technical challenges)



    1. Meeting schedules
      1. Community calls are monthly. Anybody can hop in and out as they will.
    2. Introducing Project Coordinators
      1. IIAB
      2. Birthday Events
      3. Wikimedia Photo contests
      4. Dagbani language Wikipedia
    3. Outlining available leadership roles
      1. WikiTech Storm
      2. Art+Feminsm
      3. Akan Language Wikipedia
      4. Ga Language Wikipedia
      5. Wikipedia Education Program
      6. GLAM
    4. Conferences
      1. Sadik and Masssly attending WikidataCon in October 2019
      2. Zita and Masssly attending Wiki Indaba in November 2019
      3. Greg coming to Ghana in 2020
    5. Questions
      1. Copyrighted images
      2. WikiLoves monuments
      3. Creating user accounts
      4. Scholarship programs
      5. Uploading content to IIAB
        (3) Notes
    6. Next Monthly Community Call is on November 17, 2019, 8 - 10 PM UTC
    7. Greg working on IndieWeb video; the link is available on Hangout history
    8. Kickoff of Mozilla fellowship program in London of which we may not be able to participate for the lack of want to of time
    9. Some folks tried but couldn’t get on board because of Hangout installation problems. There may be a need to give better instructions before our next community callsMassslyZita