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Welcome to the Open Repository of the Global Open Initiative Foundation's network. Here we curate all of our planning materials and community approved Open Educational Resources.

Currently our program, OER Ghana and the IndieWeb, is training a cohort of open leaders to help support a better web in Ghana. We run projects that include:

  • Wikipedia editathons
  • Wikidata editathons
  • IndieWeb Meetups
  • Open Leadership Training
  • Much More

You can check out the sitedirectory. We try to make our entire workflow open to serve as a model to the future open leaders we train.

Upcoming Events


Global Open Initiative Foundation and Wikipedia

Global Open Initiative Foundation and Wikidata

OER Ghana and the IndieWeb

Our current leadership training revolves around Open Educational Resources. We believe the tools being used and supported by the IndieWeb community provide the best path forward for Ghana. Learn more in Dr. McVerry's keynote or from IndieWebCamp Navrongo Curriculum Session

Each participant who attends the program gets a free website using the Open Source platform Known. We then have remote and face to Meet Ups where we complete community challenges and develop leadership skills.

After the ten week program we hope participants take what they learned and find like minded people to share new knowledge.