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IndieWebCamp [Navrongo] [2020] Session: [Known]


What Can You Do with Known

Our OER Known Workflow

  • After two events you get a website
  • You must sign our Code of Conduct and our copy of Mozilla Participation Guidelines (by sending a webmention
  • Document what ever you want on your website. It is yours
  • If you create a resource you want to add to our OER repository (our wiki) you will be paired with a mentor for a process of open peer review
  • Once your resource meets community standards we will help you syndicate a copy to the wiki

How to get a site

  • Fill out or registration form
  • Email sadik with your preferred domain name such as yourname.goifnetwork.org
  • Attend two events

Long Term Goals

  • After our training program, someday, somehwere you start a network similar to goifnetwork.org using Known or other Open Source IndieWeb building blocks