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Hello Everyone,

It was great to meet you a weeks ago. Sadik and I have been busy working on the program. We will be starting bi-weekly meet ups every two weeks and want to find out if you are still interested in joining us.

Next Steps

If you can not make them do not worry! We will record everything and you can catch up in chat or by using your new website.

Anyone who attends two events (second attendance means coming to live session or completing module) gets a free website to help build out the Commons and Open Educational Resources.

You can see the first module here:

Sadik and I will get back to you with the time and of the remote meeting

The Goals Remember this is a 10 week leadership and tech program. The goal is to provide you with the skills to start up a club, or even get one other person interested in OER and the IndieWeb.

Together we can build a better web. Rooted in local community and knowledge. Please respond to this email if you are interested in continuing our 10 week training program.

Greg and Sadik


Hello everyone,

We are looking to meeting up on Open Data Day! March 7th.

The Novrgrano crew will meet and hang with the Accra crew at our next meet up to celebrate Open Data Day :

If you can not make it or do not have internet access that is okay. We will record the session. The goal is to work together on first three challenges:

Then we will have sessions for everyone to get their first website and learn how to use the IndieWeb platform Known to blog.

There will also be sessions on how to contribute to Wikidata and Open Street Map.We hope these can be live streamed as well but we do not know for sure.

We will forward the Zoom link soon but here is a link to the EtherPad:

Dr. Mac and Sadik