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Goal: Creating community is your essential curriculum when developing an OER network This develops through intentionally equitable hospitality. Create a way for participants to successfully complete a task while sharing a bit of themeselves.

Objective: Introduce your self and share your goals for the project.

Materials: shared writing space with a low barrier to entry

  • Google Doc
  • public etherpad
  • padlet


  1. Before your meeting create a collection of different photos. For remote meeting you can make this a Google Form
  2. Begin your meeting with an icebreaker. Have learners share their names, contact info, and the one super power they would choose.
  3. Have participants look through the photos.
  4. Have learners choose one photo that represents how they feel about the Ghana OER Network project. Then have learners explain why they chose this image and then write a poem, parapgraph, or post explaining why they chose this poem.
  5. Then continue with your meeting agenda. You can also do this activity online in a remote group but it is highly encouraged you schedule a synchronus kick off.
  6. If you will use social media such as Twitter, Mastodon, or even chat apps like Whats App or Telegram encourage participants to share their post.


  • Once the photos and/or explanations are posted collect them all. Then make a slide show or slidedeck with the images highlighting a few common themes that stick out.