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Goal: The definition of OER is a contested place you need to allow your participants to explore these definitions and let theirs unfold overtime. You also need to build teamwork early on in your network. So this activity is also designed to allow success on a group task.

Objective: Share a definition of Open Educational Resources.


Bad News on OER UNESCO Definiton

Complete Guide to OER Resources

Open Pedagogy


  • Have participants gather in 2-3
  • Give them a set time period to go on a "Define OER Scavenger Hunt"
  • Let the groups know they must make a 1 minute presentation to define OER.
  • Give groups time to research. In a live session this maybe 20-30 minutes. Online you may provide a day or two
  • Share the presentations.
  • Then share the three readings
  • Explain to participants they will use a jig saw method
  • In the jigsaw method each group gets one reading and they grab three important detials, two things they found interesting, one question they still have.
  • Then mix up the groups so one person from each source is in the new group.
  • Have the new groups complete the attached graphic organizer.

Assessment: After the jigsaw meeting gather the graphic organizer. Assess if your group is more focused on the material, the people, or the pedagogy of OER. Adjust feedback accordingly.