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Goal: The definition of OER is a contested place you need to allow your participants to explore these definitions and let theirs unfold overtime. You also need to build teamwork early on in your network. So this activity is also designed to allow success on a group task.

Objective: Define IndieWeb by interviewing or chatting with a community mmember.

Goal: Networks have both experts and apprentices yet at any given time someone may live in either or both roles. In this activity participants begin to grow their Professional Learning Network by asking members of the IndieWeb community how to define IndieWeb.



  • Have participants gather in small groups
  • Pass out sticky notes or use an ehterpad, padlet, or Google doc for remote group.
  • Have participants jot down what they think IndieWeb means,
  • Then walkthrough students through your chat network and IndieWeb chat.
  • Encourage participants to find someone in their peer group who participates in the IndieWeb
  • They should ask the person to define IndieWeb or describe why it is important.
  • If participants do not know anyone they can ask on Twitter using the IndieWeb hashtag or stop by IndieWeb chat.
  • You can access the IndieWeb channels from chat.
  • Then have participants return to their original definitions and see if they need to change.
  • Next have them publish a blog post defining IndieWeb.


  • Examine the differences between the original definition and the definition after interviewing an expert. Discuss with your participants.