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Goal: Launch a website on the CMS platform Known. After participants attend two of your events they get a free website. We use the platform Known. As an oerganizer you will need to handle launching these websites.


  • Determine audience and purpose of their website.
  • Compare a hypothetical profile from now to five years in the future.
  • Create and publish a profile page on Known.


  • Lesson 3 will take multiple sessions and requires dedicated admin time for setting up websites.


  • Known Repo
  • Tutorial Video on Installing Known in Reclaim Hosting
  • Tutorial on using Known


  • Pass out a sticky note or index card
  • Have students draw what their social media profile would look like.
  • Remind people they can focus on hobbies, projects, who are they.
  • Participants can choose three words if they get stuck.
  • Share the profiles
  • Then have participants flip over the cards and create a profile for themselves five years from now.
  • Next have students mock up a homepage.
  • Give them a blank piece of paper.
  • Show students different homepage designs. Define key terms like hero image, call to action, profile, h-card.
  • Discuss difference between a static homepage and a social stream.
  • Collect an email address for everyone and a preferred subdomain.
  • GOIF uses name.goifnetwork.org
  • Create all the subdomains in the Reclaim Hosting cPanel.
  • Issue a LetsEncrypt for each subdomain.
  • Install Known.
  • Meet with participants and give out websites.
  • Have participants update their profile
  • Have participants publish a post.


  • Does everyone have a site?