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  • Sadik and Greg meet
  • video conference with Greg
  • Do 1-2 intro activities from curriculum
  • Give them Known websites a on first day
    • Include a session on a tutorial
    • Greg work on plan to update
    • Ask if mentors want to help with set up
  • First Day Needs
    • sign up for wiki


  • Websites
    • Masssly created a form to collect interest from people wanting a personal website
    • Going to checkout the form and publish on WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • GlobalGiving
    • Applying for Global Giving
    • Requires financials
  • Wikipeda Local Language User Group
  • Sadik updates
    • goifnetwork wiki
      • Added Mozilla Open Leaders X curriculum
      • Added events counselor
      • Greg will fix the certificate issue
  • Planning events
    • Added all the IndieWeb Meet Ups and Events
    • Added a Grant Section. Greg applying for grants to cover IWC
    • Requested volunteers from across Mozilla Community. We had 14 people complete a form wanting to support the project.
    • Sadik is working on promotional materials
    • Video
  • Looking at Open Access Week in March
    • Run an event during March
    • There isn't a topic for Open Data Day
    • Want to run a session on personal websites and open data
  • Checking out each Other's websites.
    • Sadik added his videos and blog post
    • Greg added a 404 page
    • Mohammad looking into ways to create a newsletter from his website
    • Greg recommends using the digest feature in WordPress as easiest approach.
  • Sadik is pricing Rasberry Pi servers we can pre load for website deployment



Agenda (New business)

  • Previous meeting followup* Updates / New Business* Action Items* Notes*

Updates / New Business

1. MassslyCommunity calls; as a forum to provide help to anyone who has questions about any Wikimedia projects. Conversations with Kirill



Language Usergroups as another route



  • Wiki Indaba

Content on ur pages not in tune.

2. Zita

3. Sadik

4. Harriet

  • Visited the UDS Navorongo hub to engage members.

Turnout was not too good.* They are interested in writing about biographies, schools, and festivals

Action items towards the next meeting

1. Masssly

  • Prepare a document and share with Gereon, so we can write back to Kiril, and Affcon committee to inform them that our status has changed.* Continue to work on Global Giving account for GOIF* Get in touch with NanaYaa to respond to info@ account email* Create a form to collect new websites* Work with Sumani to prepare a page on Meta for possible AFCon application towards Dagbani Wikimedians User Group

2. Zita

  • Share a link to a list of articles (for Nvoranog Wikiclub) so that the group can help build

Jemima and Zita to visit the KNUST* Share a link to Alex Stinson posted a project on the mailing list about Human Rights editathons.* Add self to GOIF Bank Account

3. Sadik* Continue working on GOIF wiki* Working on https://goifnetwork.org/ to change colour and images* Will be writing to some people for support for the launch of the goifnetwork* Get in touch with the bank for our bank account* Propose a workshop with Gideons group* Look into our participation for Open data week in March

4. Harriet

  • Post on UDS WhatsApp group about GOIF websites

5. Jemima

  • Work with Zita to prepare a page on Meta for possible AFCon application towards Twi Wikimedians User Group.* Continue to develop ideas around Twi WP articles for novels; to possibly lead towards a grants application.


  • Starting with updates @Masssly* Mohammed got in touch with project coordinator leads* Massly got in touch with Ibrahim who is project lead for internet box, He is going to get in touch with libraries, we h* Massly spoke with Sekina, she is to come up with a project Wikidata and languages* Sumani helping us with Dagbani Wikipedia* Masssly got in touch with User Group reviewers, telling them our circumstances have changed, they are asking us to write to them explaining to them how our circumstances have changed* Masssly is currently working on Global Giving account for GOIF*Harriet and Zita updated the team about the Wikipedia club*The club is sustainable at the moment


  • He has been working with Greg, on the wiki and * Sadik and GOIF will be writing to some people for support for the launch of the goifnetwork* We should revert to using riot for our team meeting, so we document every meeting* Sadik will be sharing the project documents* Mozilla - Sadik, been working with Greg, we did a video and was asked to record* Move our meeting times to the Project wiki* I’ve reverted back to the riot* Channels are also possible on riot* We can use riot for the chats* there is a tool that we can use to do submissions for WLM* So - let’s invite some of them to join us in our meeting.* Let’s create a form to collect emails for free websites * Bank access to go again after a new person has taken over* One person was talking about projects in schools,* They train disabled people in ict* They can give us a venue.* Their primary goal is to grow. They have funding from the world bank and other ministries.* They were happy to know more about Wikipedia and licenses.

Gideon invited Sadik to projects funded with - train people including journalists to embark on an investigative program. We can do a workshop with - Sadik Open access data week in March


  • They were asking for banners. Those interested were those who were already coming.

We have weak sources for editathons* we should look at other sources of funding* Sadik and Harriet attended a meeting with the ghana tech lab.* More than 20 people attending.* The idea was to bring people together to work together and.* Works like an incubator


  • We want the executives to take over the project With regards to articles; * Our list focuses on people and festivals* Link to articles* Harriet, we introduced them to schools or biographies first.* They are sustainable fon their women for now.* Jemima and Zita to visit the KNUST* Sent a mail to WLM team. We’re now waiting to see if they’ll select one of our winners* We can inform them.* We can join project Alex Stinson posted on the mailing list about Human Rights editathons.


  • Sadike and Greg met briefly on chat* Talked about updates to wiki* Sadik learned how to update the logo in Wikimedia** To-Do*** Visual Editor**** Looks like one is installed all old edits need to be approved***Add the logo Sadik



  • ... Greg is an educator who believes that we need to teach technology as a literacy issue. He prepares teachers to read, write, and participate on the web.* ...Template:Masssly* ...Template:Sadike25


Personal Site Updates Report of editathon Grant award New Accounts for Ghana Updating Known Sites Testing wikimedia editor

Personal Sites

  • Sadike
    s working on his Twitter integration but keeps running into a bug* * started to develop his first OER resources* * updated site to latest build*{[Masssly}} ** published post about wikimedia scholarships
    • learning how hashtags and RSS work in Known
  • Greg is an educator who believes that we need to teach technology as a literacy issue. He prepares teachers to read, write, and participate on the web.** updated his Known site to the latest build

Questions About Known

      • How do we add categories
        • add a hashtag and it will autolink, adds rel=tag and p-cateegory
        • each hashtag also gets an rss feed
      • Twitter Syndication
        • Request a developer app
        • respond to email
        • keep running into bug where account will not save

Need Updates to Wiki

          • File Uploader
          • WYSIWYG
            • Greg is an educator who believes that we need to teach technology as a literacy issue. He prepares teachers to read, write, and participate on the web. to set up ftp account for Template:Masssly

Testing Prototypes

  • Possibility of working with wikimedia to test prototypes at next editathon



HomeBrewWebsiteClub [Ghana]


Greg is an educator who believes that we need to teach technology as a literacy issue. He prepares teachers to read, write, and participate on the web.* Template:Masssly* Template:Sadike25


  • Old Business** Overview of the Wikipedia Twi translation event** Claiming your wiki page* New Business** Overview of GOIF network wiki** Travel Grants to IndieWeb Summit 2019** Update *$1000 USD Known grant


where it says call back .. thats where you create a new twitter application**creat an app. wil take two days for verification**where it says call back URL, copy that**When done, you click on status update. Sometimes you may not get the twitter account yet, so you may need to enable it in settings


  • Mohammed will spend time on wiki** add logo** extension (visual editor)** categories** redesign main page
  • Greg will:** Find out about summit travel grants https://indieweb.org/2019** Get application process going** Get a flyer made for Accra and New Haven
  • Sadik:**Will get course material from Regina to upload to oiur OER (Taking one course at a time)

  • Zita:**



  • How different is known from WordPress** Your combination of social media, static pages and standard blog**Are we able to see all users on the admin portal?***@sadik: yes, we can block abusive users***I am going to give all keys to the server to everyone today @jgmac1106 ***My biggest problem is the mobile upload on Known. The old version of TinyMCE. Being fixed*Zita: are there videos we can watch? Here are the videos:** https://archive.org/details/SendAReplyWithKnown*@sadik seem to know how to connect known to the Twitter pages. Will try it out after this chat.**It is a bit tougher was going to be my next tutorial. Twitter makes you apply for a developer app now. It isbt hard but takes a day or two for Approval
  • Can someone else edit your known space?** Yes, access can be given to people to comment.** But you want to keep your site a single site if you want to use all the IndieWeb features. ** For example go to https:// indieweb.org and login. You enter your domain. If you do a multi-user site this breaks. * I did make one site we can make multiuser for events.. But we can stick to WP for that as well. That was a test run of installing Known*Invites can be sent to people behind comments*You can turn comments on and off


  • @Zita: I understand the know as a WIki platform.** @Masssly; probably* I also see the wiki more for the sharing of the data and knowledgebase


  • Code of Conduct* I would recommend playing and building yourself before going out to new people* Let's all try to learn something new and share our journey. This way you have experience and mentor texts to people who want to find community. * Bring people to get on board to join the platform** Zita: what would be the advantages for people to sign up?** Sadik: students will have a way to get their field work out there for everyone to use.** Yes Known will have something called service workers which will allow for remote local storage and upload when online** Advantage: you get your own website for free

    • Zita: can convince folks Ghana code club (mostly females)+1** Masssly: rural folks would be an easy target to tap into. Kids would get the opportunity to come online for the first time, not as users only, but also as participants in creating knowledge.+1

    • Webmentions are the big sell. You don't need social networks YoU ARE the social network. Though if you want social network we use POSSE publish on your own site syndicate elsewhere, Twitter, Flickr,

  • One thing, Greg mentioned about offline creating of pages (I’m I right?)** I’m not quite sure how that can work?** I made a tutorial video no offline pages yet… well, you can cut and paste… But made video how to add pages

  • We now to be able to build a model so people can glean at.** What kinds of information should we use.** SADIK:currently existing material from other OR platforms.** masssLY: ANY SPECIFIC KIND OF CONTENT?*** YES to all… Why I said go learn something, use the bookmark and tag, post notes you have, write up the reflection. Use the article post for the long form. *** Then over time, we add great stuff from network to wiki*** So do you guys think we should be specific about the theme of content to upload.?**** Zita: no. let's allow people to put in content they are already working on (from their own field)
    • Immediate tasks. Zita: Documentation of our own learning process to the OER platform. That would make it easier for any new person to come onboard