OER Ghana: Mozilla Leaders X Training Curriculum

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Participants in this 10-week learning experience will gain the skills and knowledge to help create a local OER network within their community.

We believe the best path to utilizing Open Pedagogy begins at your own website. You must shape your own truth before teaching others how to carve out an identity online.

We also believe the best open networks empower participants through an agentive apprenticeship where the learner goals align with the overall mission of the community and the network hols as much knowledge as the people.


To this end participants will work towards the following goals:

  • Owning Your Data. Shaping Your Identity. Contributing to the Community.
  • Building, Curating and Making Stuff Others Can Use.
  • Reflecting on what you Make and Build.
  • Teaching others to Make and Build.
  • Curating and Creating Learning Activities for others to use
  • Gaining Leadership Skills in Managing Open Source Communities.


Week One and Two: What is OER

  • Objectives
    • Introduce yourself and share your goals
      • [Lesson0]
    • Define Open Educational Resources
      • [Lesson1]
    • Define what IndieWeb Means to You
      • [Lesson2]
    • Create your Own Website
      • [Lesson3]
    • Join a chat room and wiki
      • [Lesson4]
    • Examine the selfie as an artefact of identity
      • [Lesson6]
    • Explore learner identities and the impact this has on learning.
      • [Lesson7]

Week Three and Four: How Do We Work

  • Objectives
    • Create a profile page on the wiki
    • Use MediaWiki markup and the visual editor to edit a wiki page
    • Define and send webmentions
    • Create a page using HTML elements
    • Bookmark OER in your collection
    • Edit a Wikipedia page

Week Five and Six: Learn Something

  • Objectives
    • Record audio podcast reflecting on your learning
    • Document your journey as you learn something
    • Develop and share strategies for planning local events

Week Seven, Eight, Nine: Teach Something

  • Objectives
    • Reflect on the value of blogging in open source communities
    • Analyze common models of instructional design
    • Reflect and share thoughts on what makes good teaching

Week Ten and Beyond: Publish OER

  • Objectives
    • Develop and share strategies for fundraising
    • Create an OER resource to teach students something
    • Reflect on the creation of learning activities
    • Publish an OER resource to your website